• Mal

El Kabayo Falls

September 1st

One of the fun things about moving somewhere new is discovering the little nooks and crannies and hole-in-the-wall places that make your neighborhood unique.

Something I learned about where I live is that there is a waterfall only ten minutes away! My friend and I decided to go there Saturday afternoon to cool off after coaching our volleyball games.

We were just chilling at my place that afternoon, eating halo-halo, when rain clouds started forming in the sky--we immediately dashed off to El Kabayo Falls to beat the rain! Here in the rainy season you have to take advantage of the rare moments when it's not raining.

A guide led us on a short hike to get to the waterfall and it was beautiful. This was my first experience actually being in the jungle here and the trees that lined the path were gleaming with a gorgeous green color that lit up the path.

When we reached the falls, I was amazed.

I couldn't believe this little haven is seriously only ten minutes away!

The waterfall was perfectly framed by the jungle with the sun peeking through the trees.

We swam and floated around in the water for about an hour.

The water was cool, refreshing, and empty--we didn't see one fish or bit of algae or anything. It made the falls feel like some neat secret that even the jungle itself doesn't know about.

This was my first time swimming in the Philippines, and instead of being at an overpopulated beach, it was just me and my friend at this little waterfall--a pretty cool first experience if you ask me.

But, remember those rain clouds I mentioned earlier?

Well, they came.

We had been at the falls for about an hour when the skies let loose once again.

We headed back down the path in the rain, which only added to the thrill of our little Saturday afternoon adventure.

Who knew there was such a cool place practically in my own backyard? Not me!

But now I know and I can add El Kabayo Falls to my ever-growing list of things that I love about my community.

What little nooks and crannies and hole-in-the-wall places do you still have to discover in your neighborhood?

Okay, now go discover them.

- Mal