• Mal

Know What Makes You Feel Alive

August 19 - approximately 2:45 a.m.

We parked the car along the side of the road, grabbed our McDonald's, and made our way to the dimly lit stairs to the dock.

I had yet to experience filipino McDonald's and the ocean, so I was excited.

It was so dark that we could barely see. The dock swayed with each step I took as I made my way to the end.

Then I heard it--the waves lapping the shore.

The last time I heard the ocean was over a year ago when I went to Egypt and barely stepped in the Mediterranean Sea.

I had forgotten how much I missed that sound, how many memories it brought with it. Memories of magical Greece nights in Nafplio spent watching the sunset over the Mediterranean, of hot nights walking the Muttrah Corniche along the Oman Gulf, of swimming at the beaches in Bahrain and Dubai. And now I'm here, in a completely different part of the world, hearing the same sound and making new memories.

We sat down and devoured our McDonald's, which tasted really good (most likely because it was like 3 in the morning and we were at the ocean).

We lingered there, even after finishing our food, talking about how we could listen to the waves for forever. I could have laid down right there and let the soft sounds sing me to sleep.

I was so happy. I had found friends willing to eat McDonald's on a dock at 3:00 a.m. and I had a new ocean to love.

These things might seem small, but they are a big part of what makes me feel alive.

I'm always searching for those moments where each breathe seems to heighten your senses and suddenly the whole world is beautiful--I'm determined to have an entire collection of moments like that. Moments like that are when I feel God's presence so heavily that I can do nothing but worship Him and thank Him for being beautiful and making the world beautiful too.

I encourage you to take note of the times that take your breath away, when you wish you could hold a moment in your hands and keep it like a sweet secret. Make more of those moments.

Know what makes you feel alive.

- Mal