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The Big Adventure Begins

July 23, 2018

I walked away from my parents and sister and didn’t look back. The tears in my eyes were too much to handle at 4 a.m.

I headed up to the security line and tried to pull myself together. I was surrounded by a group of men traveling together and the last thing I wanted was for them to see me crying all by myself.

"You can do this, Mallory."

I felt hot all over and uncomfortable and I was done with the tears. I waited in line for a coffee for what felt like ages, longing for a cold brew to hold in my hands and cool my freaking-out body, only to hear the cashier say, "We're out of cold brew."


Scalding hot coffee it was, then.

me and my scalding hot coffee in my sad state

I found a seat at my gate, opened my over-cooked breakfast sandwich, and cried again as I read through the Instagram post my best friend made in my honor.

The sandwich wasn’t that great and my coffee was too hot and I sat there sniffling without a napkin.

I was a mess.

"This is gonna be a long trip."

I finally boarded my plane, landed in Atlanta, and found my gate after walking for like miles (the airport was huge). I decided to walk instead of taking the train because I was going to be sitting for a fun 13 HOURS AND 45 MINUTES in a plane all the way to Tokyo.

There's no feeling like walking alone through a big airport. In some ways, I felt more alone than ever. In others, I felt more empowered.

I sat in the airport, trying to come up with the perfect words to post about my move to the across the world. I fiddled around with caption after caption after caption.

“How do you even put something like this into words?” I thought to myself, frustrated and ready to post the picture already.

Well, this blog is me attempting to do just that.

Key word: attempting

I realize that writing about an experience as crazy and exciting as this is a challenge. I might try to write about how much I love the mango slices here 50 times and it still won't be like you're tasting the real thing, but hey, I'm gonna try, so you, whoever's reading this, can learn and experience with me.

Stay tuned to hear more about my hopefully somewhat cool and entertaining adventures as I dive into living in a whole new place and start my first year of teaching.

Up next: My first attempt